The fundamental condition for the sound to propagate is the presence of a propagation medium; as a consequence, there is no sound propagation in a vacuum, but absolute silence.
The project stems from the reinterpretation in visual terms of the word ‘echo’
and the transposition of its meaning as exploration and personal reflection, on the legacy of more than a year of confinement.
The reflection of a sound as well as the repetition of apparently always the same days, leaves behind an absolute silence that these places seem to enclose.
A claim of emptiness as full, filled by the free imagination/ interpretation that the image and the place it represents can arouse.

The title comes from the song ‘Echoes’ (Pink Floyd - 1971), which was originally called ‘Return to the Sun of Nothing’ and was first performed, with this title, on May 15th, 1971, at the Garden Party in London’s Crystal Palace.
The song describes precisely the potential that mankind has and has remained unexpressed, suffocated by ambitions, by the pursuit of success, power, and money. The whole song is an invitation to meditate, to rejoin the universe, to full harmony.  An invite to seek what’s essential, to target the sharing, the solidarity, the abandon of our individualism.

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